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The Buenos Aires Audiovisual Archive invites every person or institution that owns material on Argentinean writers or theater personalities, in audio or audiovisual format, to contact by phone or e-mail.

The Archive also signs exchange agreements, with national or international related institutions which are focused in the preservation, conservation, publishing and investigation of audiovisual materials, by making donations, exchanges and projects.

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Centro Cultural Recoleta

Tribute: Héctor Yánover Audio

Tribute: Héctor Yánover

Five years from his death, the Buenos Aires Audiovisual Archive pays tribute to the poet and bookseller Héctor Yánover. During the exhibition “Writers in Vynil” we present at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, we remember him with a fragment of a reading of his poem book “Sigo andando”. We also include a part of the film “Juancito caminador”, in which Yánover talks about the work of his friend, writer Raúl González Tuñón.

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